EGDiet 4.2

Control your diet and monitor your calorie intake


  • Large food database
  • Tracks lots of information about your body


  • Inputting everything becomes a tedious affair

Not bad

With so many 'urgh, look at that big fat celebrity'-style magazines floating around today, it's easy to see why a large section of today's female (and, to some extent, male) population are obsessed with their weight.

If you're one of those trying to win the battle of the bulge then you may find EGDiet pretty helpful. The program can be used to control the diet of one, or several people, keeping track of what you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The app encorporates a database of foods bigger than Oprah's waistband and indicates the properties, calorie content, carbohydrates, protein, etc.

in all of these. Handily, it also gives you the option to add more to the database. EGDiet is deisgned to help you maintain a strict eating regime and records your weight, height, chest, hips, etc.

to calculate your body mass and the amount of excess fat you have. Although it can become very tedious inputting everything you put into your mouth into the program, if you're serious about shedding some pounds, then EGDiet is a useful aid.

EGDiet allows keeping track of your weight and daily food intakes for each day. It manages up to 36 different "persons", like, for example, the whole family, and that in either French or English.

The foods database is not yet completely translated. There are 700 foods in English names and 300 in French. The internal help is in both languages.



EGDiet 4.2

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